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Stanford Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Council Members

Council Members 

Kath Lavidge '74, P '09  Chair

Linda Rosenberg Ach P '12
President, Rosenberg Ach Foundation

Felix Baker '91, PhD '98
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Baker Brothers Investments

Farah Champsi MBA '85
Venture Investor; Trustee, Smith College

Winston Chen P '93, '93
Chair, Paramitas Foundation

Sam Colella MBA '71
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Versant Ventures

Bruce C. Cozadd MBA '91
Co-Founder, Chair, and CEO, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

John Diekman PhD '69
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 5AM Ventures

Patrick Enright '84
Managing Director and Founder, Longitude Capital

Antoine Firmenich PhD '94, MBA '96
Founding Partner, Alatus Capital

Robert Gold P '15, '20
CEO, Ridgewood Capital

Lawrence Golub P '20, '23, '23
CEO, Golub Capital

Dana Hayse '85, P '19
Nutrition Educator

Franklin "Pitch" Johnson '50
Founder, Asset Management Ventures

Yasunori Kaneko MBA '81, P '09, '13
Managing Director, Skyline Ventures

Sarah Ketterer '83, P '16, '18, '21
Co-Founder and CEO, Causeway Capital Management

Krishna "Kittu" Kolluri P '21
Founder and Managing Director, NeoTribe Ventures

Frank Lee PhD '77, P '11
Founder and CEO, Dragonfly Sciences

Hong Seh Lim MS '83, MS '83, MS '87, PhD '87, P '12, '13, '14, '17
President, Mil Kered

Jonathan Lim '93, MS '93
Co-Founder, Erasca, Inc. and Boundless Bio; Venture Partner, ARCH Venture Partners

Marc Lipschultz '91
Co-Founder and Co-President, Blue Owl Capital

Annesley MacFarlane P '16, '20
Start-Up Investor

Jorge Moll
Chairman and Senior Researcher, D'Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR)

John Momtazee '93, MS '93
Managing Director and Co-Founding Partner, Moelis & Company

Susan Oberndorf '78, P '12
President, Oberndorf Foundation

Denise O'Leary '79, P '10, '12
Private Investor

Stephen Pierce '84, P '19, '20
Advisory Director, Goldman Sachs

Alex Popa '02, MS '02
Partner, Capital Group

Herald L. Ritch '83, P '02
Founder and Executive Chair, Sagent Advisors

Vicky Rogers '83, P '11, '18
President, The Rose Hills Foundation

Richard Sapp '78, P '13, '16
Private Investor

Lily Sarafan '03, MS '03
Co-Founder and CEO, Home Care Assistance (HCA)

Ajay Shah '82, P '11, '14
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Silver Lake Sumeru

Darlene Solomon '80, P '15
Chief Technology Officer, Agilent Technologies

Isaac Stein JD '72, MBA '72
Founder and Retired President, Waverley Associates

Mark Stevens P '20
Managing Partner, S-Cubed Capital; Special Limited Partner and Former Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital

Judy Swanson P '10
CEO, K&E Management, Ltd

David Sze MBA '93
Partner, Greylock Partners

Virginia Tusher PhD '02
Trustee, California Academy of Sciences

Clara Wu Tsai '88, AM '88, P '21
Executive Director, Clara and Joe Tsai Foundation

Lisa Walsh P '16
Board, Breast Cancer Alliance

Ex-Officio Members

Dean Kathryn "Kam" Moler
Vice Provost and Dean of Research
Vice President for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center "SLAC"
Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics

Professor Carla J. Shatz
Catherine Holman Johnson Director, Stanford Bio-X
Sapp Family Provostial Professor
Professor of Biology and of Neurobiology

Professor Carolyn Bertozzi
Baker Family Director, Stanford ChEM-H
Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Chemisty and,
by courtesy, of Chemical & Systems Biology and Radiology

Professor Bill Newsome
Vincent V.C. Woo Director, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Harman Family Provostial Professor
Professor of Neurobiology and, by courtesy, of Psychology